Useful Information

Access to Wrocław

The city of Wrocław  is located in western Poland, almost 350 km west from Warsaw. Several airlines operate direct flights (some daily) from major European airports to Wrocław Airport. Participants can also choose to fly to nearby airports such as:

which are well connected to Wrocław by railway.

From Wrocław airport to the city centre and Centennial Hall:

  • Wrocław Airport / city centre: 25 minutes by taxi (approximately 25-30 €)  or 30 – 40  minutes by bus 106  (approximately 1€ per one way ticket) and then taxi from Central Station to Centennial Hall Congress venue (approximately 5 €)
  • Warsaw Airport / Wrocław city centre: 3h 40 min. by train or 5 hours by car

Language of the Congress

The official language of the Congress will be English.

Practical information

  • Local currency and exchange rates: The official currency of Poland is the Zloty (PLN). The exchange rate is approximately 1 EUR to 4.20 PLN (1 USD 3.60 PLN). Banks are open from Monday to Friday from 09:30 to 18:00. Exchange offices can be found all around Wrocław, and are clearly marked. ATMs are widely available around the city and shops accept major credit cards.
  • Weather: In June, Wrocław enjoys pleasant days and warm nights. The average maximum temperature range between 18 to 22 ºC while the average minimum is 10 ºC. It may rain.
  • Official languages: Polish.
  • Local time in Wrocław: GMT +1
  • Electricity: Electric power in Wrocław is 230 volts, 50 hertz alternating current. Outlets take plugs with two round pins. In any case, most hotels have adaptors for different plug types. Please make sure that the electrical devices you will be using (computers, mobile phone chargers, electric shavers…) are suitable for this voltage, otherwise transformers or batteries are advisable.
  • Health requirements and precautions: No vaccinations are required to enter Poland.
  • Medical services: Wrocław has a good network of health centers (primary care services) and hospitals. The venue of the meeting will have indications on the closest medical services providing first aid.

Entry formalities

Visas will be required for participants of those countries whose nationals require a visa to enter Polish territory. For a list of countries whose nationals require a visa or are exempt from such requirement, please visit the following web page.

Contact and Localization

Wystawowa 1, 51-618 Wrocław