Petra Cagnardi

    Prof. Petra P. Cagnardi received her veterinary degree from the Veterinary Faculty of the University of Milan (Italy) and the PhD in Veterinary Pathology, Pharmacokinetics and Clinical Therapy from the University of Bari (Italy).

    She is associate professor in veterinary pharmacology and toxicology, at the Department of Health, Animal Science and Food Safety of the University of Milan (Italy). She is resident of the European College of Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology (ECVPT). She is member of VetCAST, EUCAST Veterinary Subcommittee on Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing and Chairperson of the “Ninth International Conference on Antimicrobial Agents in Veterinary Medicine (AAVM)” to be held in Rome in October 2018.

    Prof. Cagnardi’s main research interests are: Pharmacokinetics, tissue distribution and residual depletion of veterinary antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs for drug dosages optimisation; Pharmacokinetics correlated to clinical efficacy of analgesic drugs used in the peri-operative period; Pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) and Population PK/PD (Pop PK/PD) modeling of antimicrobials to obtain the specific breakpoints for the determination of the correct therapy and for the limitation of antibiotic resistance.

    During her work, Prof Cagnardi has coauthored more than 40 international peer-reviewed publications, more than 10 national publications and 50 abstracts of international and national Congresses.