Information for Speakers

All speakers (delivering plenary or keynote lectures as well as short oral communications) are requested to upload their presentation files via USB connection in the Speaker Preview Room. The submission and review of the presentation should take place approximately half a day before the appropriate session. For lectures and short orals being delivered during the morning sessions, the presentation should be uploaded in the Speaker Preview Room on the preceding day (afternoon). Speaker Preview Room will be available throughout the Congress days – from 1 h before the sessions and until 30 min after the sessions are closed. All computers provided by the organizers are equipped with the following software: Windows 7/10, MS PowerPoint 2013, Adobe Acrobat Reader and they support following file formats: ppt, pptx, pdf, mp4, mpg, wmv.

The display of the presentation in each Congress room will be handled by the technical staff. Each speaker will have the opportunity to change slides personally by means of a Wireless Presenter Laser Pointer. Speakers are allowed to display their presentations by means of their personal computers. If a speaker decides for this option, he/she should visit the Speaker Preview Room in advance and inform the technical staff. Computer configuration for the proper display of the presentation lies in the responsibility of the speaker. For proper display of the presentation, the personal computer must have a HDMI port.